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We need to know what will happen and as soon as we commit ourselves to one view or another we become vulnerable. Testability, heshe must formulate such hypotheses, therefore. Our prediction will be refuted if what was said would happen does not happen. Some prior study may be conducted by the researcher in order to make a hypothesis testable. Such grand ideas are tempting because they seem impressive and important. A scientific hypothesis advanced to explain any phenomenon that requires some verification by experience to be a reliable scientific knowledge. A research hypothesis is a methodological characteristic of some research. And therefore, a good hypothesis should be tested empirically. In case that is not so it will not be possible to test its accord with empirical facts. Because of their magnitude..

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This paper presents the information on the characteristics of a good research hypothesis.. It explores and explains the differences between a non-directional.. ...

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Image Source, the researchers would do well to avoid employing concepts in their hypotheses for which suitable tangible indices have not developed..

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A research hypothesis is quite often a predictive statement, which is capable of being tested using scientific methods that involve.. Characteristics of hypothesis in Research Methodology.. ...

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Advertisements, a usuable hypothesis should be easily understandable. Is should be easily understandable, it should be clear from ambiguous informations. It is better for the students to avoid such problems and instead develop his skills upon more tangible notions..

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Characteristics of hypothesis: Hypothesis must possess the following characteristics: Hypothesis should.. In my opinion, the main characteristic would be to have the enough tools.. ...

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For clinical research - a good hypothesis should conform to the pico/T convention.. A good hypothesis should be tested empirically.. ...

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Same can be said about Emile Durkheims work on suicide. It should be stated and formulated after verification and deep observation..

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It should be stated and formulated after verification and deep observation.. The hypotheses should not be normative.. A second desirable attribute of a good hypothesis is generality.. ...

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It explains a general phenomenon, rather than.. The characteristics of usable hypothesis are as under.. ...

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Then the inferences drawn on its basis would not be reliable. All the concepts which express attitudes should be such as can be analysed. It should be out of contradictions and conflicts. If it is not precise and clear..

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It would be considered as good one. Will not deriving hypotheses as a rule from some theoretical base throttle ventures into new fields in which no articulate theoretical system has developed. It is, this is, a wrong notion, of course. Lower Bounds on Bayes Factors for Interval Null urnal of the American Statistical Association. Use of difficult technical jargons in no way enhances that value of hypothesis. For that hypothesis cannot be formulated. However, a sensible methodological requirement applicable to any problem when one is judging its research ability, those things and objects which we cannot observe. Irrefutable assumptions for example, axioms cannot be considered to be hypotheses. If a hypothesis is relevant to a particular problem. Relevant to Problem..

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